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Unique Cupcake Ideas For Your Next Birthday Party

Unique Cupcake Ideas For Your Next Birthday Party

Cupcakes can be more than just a sumptuous treat at your next birthday party or bridal shower. This much-loved dessert can also be a main attraction of the party.  Try these tips to take your birthday cupcakes to a show-stopping next level.

Cupcakes Big and Small

Cake Ideas

Did you know you can make other sizes apart from your standard cup-sized cupcake?  Now cupcake molds are ready in bite-sized up to giant versions that will double as a full, shareable cake.  It's not much extra work to pour your cupcake batter into several different-sized molds. The visual supervene of a giant cupcake centerpiece surrounded by rows of gradually smaller cupcakes is both mouth-watering and photogenic. Have fun with it!

Table Decor

A multi-tiered plate full of beautifully decorated cupcakes makes an attention-grabbing centerpiece for a table or buffet.  They can also be part of seating arrangements by setting a food-friendly placecard stand in the cupcake in front of each place setting. Just try to keep the guests away until dessert!

New Ideas For Frosting and Garnishing

Think about decorating ideas you've seen for big cakes and make them small. For example, each cupcake can have a photographic replacement image on the frosting, similar to what you may have seen in sheetcakes. plump a variety of funny images of the birthday celebrant to decorate the cupcakes.

Also consider a wider variety of frosting garnishes such as gumballs, lollipops, m&m's, munchkins, pretzels or popcorn to top each cupcake. These add unique flavors and can be inspired by the birthday girl or boy's beloved foods. For another unique presentation, place the cupcake frosted on the top and sides in a small ice cream cone.  Voila, a cupcake cone!  Or, place one letter on each cupcake so that when you present them on a tray, they are arranged to spell "Happy Birthday."

Remember to color coordinate cupcakes with your other decorations for a astonishing display.  Also be sure to have a supply of festive party bags or boxes for your guests to take a cupcake home as a party favor.  Use these tips to make cupcakes a memorable part of your extra day.

Unique Cupcake Ideas For Your Next Birthday Party


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