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Chocolate Walnut Pudding

Chocolate Walnut Pudding

In Western culture sweetmeat is a policy that typically comes at the end of a meal, regularly consisting of sweet food. The word comes from the French language as sweetmeat and this from Old French desservir, "to clear the table" and "to serve." base desserts consist of cakes, cookies, pastries, ice cream, and candies. Fruit may also be eaten with the dessert.

The word sweetmeat is most generally used for this policy in U.S., Canada, Australia, and Ireland, while sweet, pudding or afters may be alternative terms used in the Uk and some other base countries, including India. In England, the term pudding might be used among the Upper and Upper-middle classes, with sweetmeat only used if the policy consists of fruit.

Chocolate Cake Recipe

Desserts are often eaten with a sweetmeat spoon, intermediate in size between a teaspoon and a tablespoon.

Well you have guests arriving at your place and you have no clue to what to make for dessert. Here is a recipe that takes less of your time and is very much lavish in presentation.

Ingredients: Vanilla and chocolate ice cream, walnuts, chocolate sauce, biscuits, caramel.

Take a bowl and spread a layer of crushed biscuits followed by a layer of vanilla ice cream, then put some chocolate sauce, then a layer of walnuts,then the layer of chocolate ice cream.

Keep on repeating as many layers you wish to make in repeated cycles of your choice. Once you are concluded with this put caramel on the top of it.

Put this bowl in the freezer and cut it vertically so that you see the separate layers while you serve the appetizing dessert.

You can have similar dishes with using vanilla with strawberries, vanilla with mangoes...and can also have many fruits added in one...

Be as creative as you can and enjoy your ice cream before it melts...


Chocolate Walnut Pudding


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