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6 Easy Childrens Cakes For Birthday Parties

6 Easy Childrens Cakes For Birthday Parties

If you're looking for ideas for children's cakes for your child's next birthday, I've got six easy ones for you to consider. They all can be made with microscopic effort, just a splash of creativity, and lots of icing.

These are some of the ideas I got from You can see pictures for these six there.

Cake Ideas

1. Clown Cake - What you need to do first is bake a quarterly sheet cake. Once you let it cool, you want to draw the figure of the clown on the top of the cake. An easy way to do this is to use rice paper. While the cake is cooking, trace the clown picture you want onto the rice paper with a Crayola crayon. When the cake cools, place the rice paper on top and trace the figure with icing. The icing will plainly dissolve the rice paper. Next you want to cut along the figure and decorate with lots of colorful icing.

2. Castle Cake - For your microscopic princess this will be a huge hit. Bake a quarterly sheet cake. Once it cools, cut it in half. One half will be your base. Take the other half and cut it into thirds. Take two of these thirds and round off the corners of one side. Place these on either side of the base. Use your final third as a second level of the castle. You can also bake one or two more cakes, 8 x 8 and use them for higher levels. Place inverted ice cream cones the rounded edge pieces. Icing with white and blue.

3. Fairy Cake - supervene the same instructions for the clown cake for drawing on the cake. Find a cute fairy to trace. Use lots of pink and purple for your icing. There's really no limit to the childrens cakes you can make using this tracing technique.

4. Ladybug Cake - For this one you'll need to bake two cakes. A two-layer 10-inch and a two-layer 6-inch. Use icing in the middle of the layers. Use a knife to level out the roundness of the body and head. You'll need the star tip #18 for the fill work and round tip #5 for the outlining.

5. Superman symbol Cake - This one is "super" easy and one your microscopic boy will love. Like the clown cake, bake a sheet cake and trace a Superman symbol on the face. Cut it out and use red and yellow icing to decorate. Only instead of putting an "S" on the emblem, use the first letter of your child's name. It's so cute.

6. Teddy Bear Cake - You'll have a lot of fun with this one and it's great for either boys or girls. Use a sheet cake and bake draw a teddy bear on the face. Cut it out and use brown icing to decorate. Use black icing for the stitching and use pink icing for a bow under the chin. For a microscopic boy, use blue icing.

There you go. Six children's cakes that you really make for your child's next birthday party. I promise, you'll have a blast. And for more great children's birthday cake ideas, check out my blog.

6 Easy Childrens Cakes For Birthday Parties


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