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A Camp Rock Birthday Cake to Make Your Party Rock!

A Camp Rock Birthday Cake to Make Your Party Rock!

The perfect Camp Rock birthday cake is the perfect increasing to Camp Rock party ideas. There are so many dissimilar cakes out there you can't rule which one to buy. Or have you made the decision to generate you own Camp Rock cake? Baking and trying to make your cake unique is a big challenge. So make sure your child's birthday de facto rocks with some of these Camp Rock birthday cake ideas.

Your first choice is to buy a ready made, ready decorated cake. I have seen a few dissimilar ones in my local supermarket, featuring whether the Camp Rock cast or the Camp Rock logo. You could also go to a local bakery or cake specialist and have one made for you. This could be one of their designs or even a found you choose.

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Also if you go to your local supermarket or bakery most of them do a aid where they will print a photo or a picture you have on top on a plain cake. Do keep in mind, however, that due to copyright laws most will not print out any pictures you have cut out of magazines etc. But you can take a photo of your child singing in full singing gear or get the kids to found their own logo or picture.

If you want to make a Camp Rock birthday cake you have two options. choice one is to make the whole cake from scratch yourself or choice two is to buy a plain toady and decorate in rockin' Camp Rock style.

Start out with the actual sponge. You need to rule what shape toady you are going to have. You can whether bake the dissimilar shaped sponges in shaped cake tins or purchase ready made toady and cut into the shapes you require. Cake shapes you could have are:

Round - Any size. Rectangle - Small or large. Square - Any size. Star - Cut out of a large square. Guitar - Made from three rectangle shaped sponges. One for the arm of the guitar then two together and cut into the shape of the base of the guitar. Musical Note - Made from three rectangle shapes forming a bottomless quadrate for the arms of the note then two round sponges for each note. Microphone - You will need a rectangle and round toady to form this shape. Tent Cake - Made with three quadrate shaped sponges one for the base then two standing on each end leaning against each other to form a tent. Just cut a triangular piece to use for the back of the tent. Camp Rock Logo - Using a large picture of the Camp Rock logo cut the toady into the same shape.

Once you have your basic shape it's time to decorate. Here are some Camp Rock birthday cake ideas for decorating:

Decorate with Camp Rock cake toppers. Create a camp scene on a plain cake (tent, camp fire etc.). Draw on the Camp Rock logo with coloured icing and icing pens. Decorate a guitar or microphone with edible icing and sweets to give a realistic look e.g. Strawberry laces for guitar strings. Put a photo of the birthday girl in the centre of a star shaped cake. Write, with icing pens, 'We Rock' or 'We're Going To Camp Rock'.

A Camp Rock Birthday Cake to Make Your Party Rock!


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