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Online Cake Decorating Classes - Take Cake Decorating Courses on the Internet

Online Cake Decorating Classes - Take Cake Decorating Courses on the Internet

If you've ever considered taking a procedure to learn to decorate cakes but found that the time or cost didn't work for you, you might think online cake decorating classes as an easy alternative. There are plentifulness of cake courses ready at culinary schools and some craft stores, but online cake decorating classes are commonly more convenient and less high-priced and may fit your lifestyle better.

Decorating cakes is not complicated, but there are techniques and tools that you'll need to learn to use, and your first attempts at it may not turn out quite the way you want them to. With the demonstrations and explanations you'll get from online classes, however, you'll be able to devotee these techniques and generate beautiful cakes for all your important celebrations.

Cake Decorating

Options for learning To Decorate Cakes

For many starting cake decorators, the Wilton School in Illinois is the first choice for attending a class. Obviously, traveling to Illinois is not an choice for many people, and the classes at the Wilton School can be expensive. Local shop and schools are other choice for taking cake courses. The workshops and classes offered at these locations are often very affordable, and the atmosphere is fun and instructional. For the many convenience, online cake decorating classes are the best choice for many aspiring cake decorators.  

Benefits Of Online Cake Decorating Classes

Membership sites and e-courses are commonly very reasonable when you think that they are all-inclusive. While local classes commonly focus on exact topics, such as making icing flowers or working with fondant, online cake decorating classes contain all aspects of decorating cakes, and all of the learning resources are ready to you at all times.

Instead of an teacher demonstrating a technique once in front of you, with online courses you'll have videos, written or audio instructions, and plentifulness of photographs to learn from, so you can repeat the study as often as you need to. If you've never decorated cakes before, you can start with the most basic topics and take your time mastering each technique. If you're more advanced, you're free to skip through the demonstrations of the things you already know how to do, and get right ahead to learning new techniques.

For many people, the many advantage in taking cake courses online is that you're free to set your own pace and schedule. You can take online classes late at night if you need to, or in between taking care of small children at home. No culinary school or craft store class will offer such flexibility.

How To Take Online Cake Decorating Classes

Most online cake courses will contain some means of instruction. Cake courses taken on the internet commonly contain a composition of videos, pictures, and written instructions. Techniques will be explained and demonstrated step-by-step and will often be in the form of a downloadable e-book that can be viewed on screen or printed out. Most online cake classes also contain e-books full of recipes for you to use in your baking.

Another online alternative for taking decorating courses is to join a membership website. A website like this is full of articles, videos, and photos that teach techniques and give decorating ideas. All of the article is ready to subscribers only, and the subscription will also provide way to a members-only forum and email preserve for request questions, sharing your creations, and getting new ideas. Expert cake decorators are on staff to help with questions in the forum or by email.

Try learning To Decorate Cakes With An Online Course

Anyone with an interest in learning to decorate cakes should think online cake decorating classes. You'll avoid the cost and inconvenience of attending in person, while learning all you need to know to make beautiful cakes that will impress your friends and house and make all your celebrations more special.

Online Cake Decorating Classes - Take Cake Decorating Courses on the Internet

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Cake and Cookie Decorating For Women - The Time For change is Now

Cake and Cookie Decorating For Women - The Time For change is Now

Are you permanently seeing through your cake and decorated sugar cookie decorating books to find new designs to use for the special women in your life? Do you want to keep up with the newest trends in fashion food art but have little funds? I have a solution that will turn to the world of cake and cookie decorating for women.

Women's fashion designs turn every year, and so it's hard to keep up with these trends in the sugar world. It takes some books up to 2 years to get published, and self-publishing is faster, but does not solve the problem of time as some authors select to focus on a variety of subjects instead of just fashion food art.

Cake Decorating

Right now there are thousands of cake and cookie decorating books on the market that highlight some wardrobe-inspired treats, but only one that takes you into the closet to dream in sugar. This book is revolutionary in its vision to give its audience access to even more designs for free. It's like winning the lottery for home bakers and cake decorators.

Both buttercream and fondant cakes are featured as dresses, purses, hats, boot and other cakes. Fondant-covered sugar cookies are pictured in groups with more than one originate of each. All of these designs are easy to make with straightforward to consequent instructions. The author even shows you how to make a woman's high heel chocolate shoe.

This book is your key to access even more originate ideas. Pictures of dresses, shoes, purses, hats, pants, boots, belts and any other wardrobe-inspired cakes or cookies that the author dreams up now and into the future. This is good, however, when you add how to instructions, it's a bonus that will pay you dividends repeatedly into the time to come as you learn and grow as a home baker or cake decorator.

What would this be worth to you? A lot in terms of time and money saved. It would be heaven on earth for cake and cookie decorators on little budgets. You could look at tools being used some distinct ways before development a decision to purchase them.

You might ask, "What's the catch?" and I would say that this special bonus comes directly from the author. No one else offers it. Why? The author is out to share her talent with others and turn the world of cake and cookie decorating for women.

Home bakers and cake/cookie decorators are already searching the Internet for new designs. Most pictures they find do not come with instructions, and they have to figure out through trial and error how to re-create them at home. It's time to turn that and make it easier for all of us to help each other. We can save the environment. Online access gives you what you want when you want it, and the capability to view it on your computer or print only what you need at the time.

The time is now. Be part of the change.

Cake and Cookie Decorating For Women - The Time For change is Now

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Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas - 6 Easy to Make Cake Ideas

Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas - 6 Easy to Make Cake Ideas

One of the best parts of decorating a birthday cake is the conference of ideas. With the ease of the internet, conference ideas is simply just a few clicks away. Even though it can be a lot of fun to look for birthday cake ideas, sometimes it can be a little daunting, especially if you have put it off till the last minute. Here are few ideas and tips to help get your creative juices flowing.

1. Electric Guitar Cake

Cake Decorating

This one is great for the music lover in your family and was surprisingly straightforward to make. We just made a stencil out of poster board and cut out the guitar body and neck. Put the two pieces together and covered them with a thin coat of icing. Next we just decorated it with dissimilar colored icing and...

Bamm... We were instant guitar heroes.

2. Butterfly Birthday Cake

This cake is of course easy to make and decorate. Start with an 9 inch round cake and cut off the dome of the cake. Then cut the cake like a peace sign. simply flip the four pieces of the cake over with all four corners facing the center and then you have a cool finding butterfly shape that is of course easy to decorate how ever you like.

3. Fire engine Cake

What little-boy doesn't like fire fighters? So why not make a fire engine cake. simply take three 8x4 cakes and cut off the dome of the cakes in order to have a flat exterior on both sides. Then take two of the cakes and place them one on top of the other and glue them together with frosting. Take the third cake and cut it in half stack them on top of each other and stand them on end. Then place it on the end in front of the other cake. This will make the cab of your fire engine. Then decorate with red frosting and pipe on the accents.

4. Princess Cake

To make this cake you will need three 8 inch round cakes, and one cake baked in a four to six inch deep bowl, and one Barbie doll. simply cut the dome off the 8 inch round cakes so they are flat on both sides, then cut about a 2 in hole in center of each cake. Stack all three 8 inch round cakes on top of each other with pink frosting in in the middle of each layer. Then invert the cake that was baked in a bowl and place on top. Just place the Barbie doll in the center hole and begin to decorate. The cake makes the dress for your princess.

5. Dinosaur Cake

To make this fun birthday cake idea you will need two nine inch cakes. On the first cake simply cut away about ¼ of the cake so that all that is left is a shape that is a little bigger than a half-circle. Then from the flat side of your half circle shape cut a U shape in the center cutting from the flat side up towards the top rounded side. About two inches up and over... This will be the body of your dinosaur. Next using a stencil cut out the shape of the head and tail from the other cake and put them on the body shape of the other cake. Uh... The tail shape goes on one end and the head shape on the other. simply coat with frosting and add accents.

6. Castle Cake

Ok... For this fancy castle cake you are going to need four 8 inch quadrate cakes, again cut the dome off the top of each cake so that they are flat on both sides. Next you are going to stack three of the of the cakes one on top of the other with pink frosting in in the middle of to hold them together. Next take the forth cake and cut it into quarters placing two pieces in the center of the three you have all ready stacked. Now you can begin frosting the cake with a crumb coat of icing. simply use four ice cream cones; invert them and place one on each corner of the cake. These will be the towers of our castle. Just cover the entire cake with frosting and add accents, like doors and windows with dissimilar colored icing.


What could be more fun than decorating a birthday cake? Birthdays are the one time a year when we get a chance to celebrate with that extra someone. With so many dissimilar ways to decorate birthday cakes you can of course let you imagination go wild. This past year my daughter turned sixteen and my wife and I decided to make an Electric guitar shaped cake. It was a big hit with her and all of her friends. I hope these ideas inspire your birthday cake decorating ideas.

Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas - 6 Easy to Make Cake Ideas

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Flowers and Fruit Adds a New dimension to Your Cake decoration Ideas

Flowers and Fruit Adds a New dimension to Your Cake decoration Ideas

From fresh fruits to sugar-frosted flowers, the look of fruity and flowery garnishes add a thoroughly new dimension to your cakes, which can be used for added color and hues, a contrasting texture or plainly to indicate the flavor of the filing or of the cake itself. The expanding of these straightforward items to decorate your cakes is sometimes one of the simplest yet worthy ideas you can maybe do, especially if fruits and flowers are effortlessly ready in your local

Let's have a look at some the easiest ways to adorn your cakes with these eye soothing decors.Cake Decorating Fruit

Fresh berries when used as decorations are a colorful, flavorful expanding to any cakes on your dessert table. They can quite absolutely be piled up on the top of the cake, right away giving a delightful look and taste. Either the fruits or flowers used are plain, sugared, or glazed with syrup, the further taste they provide can sometimes make the dissimilarity between an lowly cake and a cake that will be loved by those that lay their eyes on them. The use of blueberries or even whole strawberries settled colse to the covering of an lowly chocolate cake is likely to give a refreshing fruity flavor and add a touch of color. This is especially true if they're livened up with a few fresh mint leaves or a few gratings of lemon peel.

The use of kiwi fruit slices, orange sections, strawberries and sometimes grapes are ideal for arranging on top of a cake and then glazed over with a sweet sugar or maple syrup, or melted jelly. Sliced fresh figs or dates with the seeds removed coated with scoops of freshly whipped cream and decoratively arranged on the top of a toady cake makes for an artistic finding cake.

Tips on how to use fruit as embellishment for cakes

* Frosted whole fruits, such as seckel pears, figs, lady apples, and maybe a bunch of grapes are remarkable decorations for late summer and fall cakes.

* Cut fruit does not last as long as whole berries, ensure that you serve the cake within a few hours of decorating; this is to preclude the fruit from "weeping" into the cake or the cake's frosting.


The use of flowers is a limited different, you will need to ensure that fresh edible flowers are used since these are more than likely to be eaten along with the cake. These edible flowers make for a beautiful embellishment on frosted cakes, and in expanding are easy to use. plainly start off with a straightforward frosted cake or even a plain cake lightly dusted over with confectioner's sugar ; then begin to pile on flowers like lavender, rose petals, sweet violets, calendulas, bachelor's and borage. These are all edible and gives a nice visually pleasing look. To further heighten the optical interest, the expanding of a few scoops of whipped cream in the center of the cake will absolutely do the trick. The flowers can then be arranged in many various positions and locations on the cake, as you would do for any floral arrangement

With flowers as decorations on cakes, simplicity is best as it would give a more natural look and taste to your cakes without having to look like your neighbor's garden.

A few straightforward Tips on the use of Flowers as cake decoration

* Dust the flowers with superfine sugar ; this adds an elegant, sparkly effect.

* Ensure that when using flowers for cake decorations that they are clean ; this means all the parts of the flowers, and make confident that they are pesticide-free and non-toxic.

Flowers and Fruit Adds a New dimension to Your Cake decoration Ideas

Decorating Christmas Cakes

Decorating Christmas Cakes

When most habitancy think of a Christmas cake, the Yule log comes to mind. The cake is often one of many desserts spread on the dinner table after a huge family meal. Lately, Christmas cakes have more often been decorated cakes, depicting a snowy scene, Santa, or a Christmas tree.

Over the past few years, cake decorating has become a widely recognized hobby and art form. Favorite television shows have sparked increased interest in this art and have inspired habitancy to take classes and start development cakes on their own instead of buying them.

Cake Decorating

While the exterior of the typical Christmas cake has evolved with the time, the same family favorites still lie on the inside of the cake. Today's cakes, while covered in buttercream or fondant, can even be flavored with mint flavoring oil for that seasonal flair.

Your cake will come out much great if you plan out the create in advance. Draw a sketch to see how it will look and to get an idea of what colors look good together. If you have time, you can convention new cake decorating techniques in advance, but when it comes to a more complicated cake, you will need time for gum paste decorations to dry. Depending on the weather, some can take up to a week to harden. This also depends on how large your gum paste figure is.

If you don't want to get too complicated, here are a few ideas that are relatively simple. You can decorate any shape cake with Christmas presents made from gum paste. Just form a cube out of separate colors of gum paste. Cut up thin strips of contrasting colors to attach to these cubes. Using a small gum glue to adhere them, lay these strips on the cubes in a criss cross pattern. You can even form a small bow for the top of the presents. For a Christmas tree cake, you can either buy the tree cake pan or carve the cake out of a sheet cake. Frost it in green and decorate with small candies.

Another easy idea is to make a Christmas holly cake. The green and red holly contrasts nicely with a easy white cake. To make the holly, you will need gum paste and a holly leaf cutter. Tint some gum paste a dark green, roll it out thin and cut the holly leaves. For each grouping of holly, you'll need three leaves. Dry the leaves on crumpled aluminum foil to give them a more natural shape. Tint gum paste red and roll three pea sized balls for each holly grouping. When all the gum paste decorations are dry, spray them with confectioner's lacquer. Arrange 3 leaves together so they fan out and place the berries in the center. Attach your gum paste leaves and berries with gum glue. You can either place several leaf groupings around the edge or generate the whole edge of the cake out of holly.

To generate a easy wintery scene, make white chocolate snowflakes to decorate the cake. either draw or print out pictures of snowflakes, tape them down and tape plastic wrap over them. Pipe melted white chocolate using the #4 cake decorating tip and place them in the freezer for 5 minutes. Thought about peel them off the plastic. They can either lay flat on the cake or you can stick them into the icing and make them stand up.

Decorating Christmas Cakes


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