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Who Invented Ice Cream?

Who Invented Ice Cream?

Unlike pottery, arrow heads and metal tools, traces of antique ice creams are not no ifs ands or buts something that archaeologists can unravel. The ice cream history is therefore elusive and not very well known. People living in climates where ice and snow formed naturally are believed to have enjoyed a form of sorbet since prehistoric time by flavouring snow with fruit, berries and honey. This was probably especially beloved in warm regions with high mountains, since snow could be gathered from the high altitudes and brought down to regions where it in case,granted much sought after relief from the heat.

Even though ice cream itself leaves no descriptive mark in antique history, items and buildings used for its creation can. Icehouses are for instance known to have existed as early as 2,000 years B.C. In Mesopotamia. Wealthy Mesopotamians had them built along the River Euphrates and used them to store food. We also know from historical sources that any Egyptian pharaohs ordered ice to be shipped to them in the hot and sunny regions in which they lived.

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Once of the earliest known instances of true sorbet - not only ice and ice houses - are the honey and fruit flavoured snow cones that you could buy in Athenian markets while the 5th century Bc. Later on, the Romans adopted a lot of Greek traditions, ice cream eating included. The Roman emperor Nero who reigned from 54 to 68 Ad did for instance have ice movable to Rome from the mountains and mixed with fruit and toppings.

In 400 B.C. The Persians invented a cool pudding made from vermicelli and rosewater. This chilled treat tastes a bit like a blend of sorbet and rice pudding, and was often mixed with fruits and saffron. Ice was quite facilely ready to wealthy Persians since they owned so called yakhchals; naturally cooled refrigerators in which ice collected from the mountains could be stored for longer periods of time.

The Arabs play an important role in the history of ice cream since they began using sugar and syrup instead of honey. In the 10th century B.C., sweet ice cream flavoured with fruits and nuts could be purchased in all major Arab cities. The Arabs also began adding milk to the ice-cream, production it more similar to the type of diary based ice-cream that is most unabridged today.

It has been hard to settle when the Chinese began enjoy Chinese ice cream, but the first type of Chinese ice cream is believed to have been flavoured with sugar and sold while the warm summer season. Most historians agree that the upper class enjoyed ice-creamed flavoured with fruit juices while the Song Dynasty (960-1279 B.C.) according to "History of food" by Toussaint-Samat the Chinese may even have created a extra ice-cream creation recipe earlier than the Song Dynasty. This recipe involved pouring snow and saltpetre over containers filled with syrup. Salt will lower the frozen point of water to subzero. Diary products are still rare in Chinese food, but according to legend Mongols introduced the convention of drinking milk to the Chinese while the Yuan Dynasty and this eventually led to the invention of milky ice-cream.

Who Invented Ice Cream?


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