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Cooking Precautions

Cooking Precautions

Cooking is a popular hobby, although it is expensive. It has formed itself a profession. It is the necessity of life. It is a basic requirement of the man. It is a scientific subject. It is taught in universities of the world. There are many cooking tips.

Always use long grain rice for delicious taste. You should use a heavy pot for rice. Never use too old rice. All the time keep the kitchen clean and tidy. All the time use fresh vegetables. Never use stale meat. Do not cook them on high flames. All the time use permissible spices. All the time wash vegetables before cooking. Ingredients and its order are very important. Do not serve hot food. Roast the things properly. All the time voice its customary color. Do not use artificial colors. All the time use oil of high quality. Do not compromise with quality. Vitamins are essential for the body. plump the things, which has adequate vitamins. Clean your decks.

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Always use clean utensils. Your cutting-board should be cleaned. All the time wash your hands before enter kitchen. Do not use towel to dry hands. Do not use freezing meat. Give them time to be normal. Do not put cold drinks in hot glass. Time is also very important in it. You need adequate equipment. All the time wash your hands with soap. Do not touch meat and poultry in the same time. Tie your hair properly before start your work. Keep your clothes tidy. Do not make them dirty. Portion all the ingredients before start your work. Do not allow the children to work in the kitchen alone. They can work under your supervision.

It is hoped that you will consider these tips. You can cook tasty dishes. You can serve them with pride.

Cooking Precautions


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