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Types of Appetizer Recipes

Types of Appetizer Recipes

Appetizer recipes are guidelines or formulas that are used in making starter course dishes. These come in a variety, from simple food recipes to elegant hors d'oeuvres. They are an foremost part of any meal as they help built your appetite while the main course is yet to be served.

There are distinct categories of appetizer recipes. There are cheese recipes such as beer cheese, brie, Gougere and pimento cheese. The cold recipes contain antipasto, finger sandwiches, tapas, pinwheels, roll ups and many others. The dip and spread recipes contain the Seven Layer Dip, Artichoke Crab dip, Baba Ghanouj and Black Bean Dip. For the non-vegetarian kind there are chicken wings, buffalo wings, oriental wings, honey chicken wings and many others.

Banana Cake

Pickle and relish kind contain chow chow, corn relish, freezer pickles, fried pickles and many others. Many kinds of fresh vegetables are used in preparing these starter courses. These vegetables give a spicy taste to the pickles. Bacon, asparagus, artichoke, and meatball appetizers are in the kind of the hot appetizer recipes.

For those who love to eat before the meal, there is salsa, seafood, nut and snack appetizer recipes. There are many books, magazines and cookery web sites from which you can procure these guidelines for cooking starter courses. You are sure to find one that will satisfy your needs. You therefore have all the reasons to have a perfect and yummy formula for you and your guests. Any meal planned using these recipes is bound to be a flourishing one.

Types of Appetizer Recipes


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