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Kid Birthday Cakes - Fun Cakes in 3D

Kid Birthday Cakes - Fun Cakes in 3D

Dare to be creative... Come up with something new and have some fun!

Even if your don't bake, won't bake or couldn't bake if you had to, your kid birthday cakes don't have to be flat, surrounded by candles and have the same old "Happy Birthday" written on the cake's center.

Cake Ideas

Kid Birthday Cakes - Fun Cakes In 3D

Just pick up a ready made, frosted cake at your popular bakery, then add some fun edible toppers, non-edible toppers and watch your child's birthday cake come alive.

You can start with a plain frosted cake.

Now depending on your child's birthday party theme, you can precisely add edible cake art. If you're not customary with edible cake art you'll be delighted when you learn that edible cake art is ready for just about any birthday party theme along with a Princess party, Disney Princess, Elmo, Pirate, Star Wars, Barbie and so much more. And edible cake art is colorful and very pro looking.

Kid Birthday Cakes - Edible Cake Toppers

To give your cake a fun 3D look, you can use edible cake toppers. These are ordinarily made of sugar and you can also find edible cake toppers to match your birthday theme.

If for example your theme is a birthday tea party, you can find small edible tea pots, cups and saucers. You'll also find flowers, cars and lots of other ideas to help liven up your child's cake.

Kid Birthday Cakes - Non-Edible Cake Toppers

Non-edible cake toppers are re-usable, lots of fun and can be used as party favors after your cake has been enjoyed by your guests.

Some non-edible toppers have portable parts that precisely bring your child's birthday cake to life. One special train cake topper features a small train engine that precisely runs on a small set of tracks, and all on the top of your child's cake. What fun!

Kid Birthday Cakes - Cake Pics And Rings

Theme based cake pics and rings can also be used to enhance the 3D effect of your cake. You'll gawk all sorts of fun cake pics and rings that can be re-used as party favors long after your cake is gone.

And don't forget the candles. You can precisely find birthday candles to match your child's party theme.

Kid Birthday Cakes -Fun Cakes In 3D

When you integrate edible cake art, edible cake toppers, non-edible cake toppers, cake pics and cake rings and theme candles to a basic ready made cake, you will swiftly see that your cake is now a one-of-a-kind, creative 3D masterpiece that your child will love.

So dare to be creative... Come up with something new and have fun putting together your kid birthday cakes.

Kid Birthday Cakes - Fun Cakes in 3D


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