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40th Birthday Cake Ideas

40th Birthday Cake Ideas

A 40th birthday is a great time to celebrate! If you're going to be throwing a birthday party for man who is reaching that milestone, here are some 40th birthday cake ideas for phenomenal cake possibilities.

First, think the old standby. A easy cake should work for this one, but have the number 40 written as big as possible. Then, surround the edges of the cake with 40 candles. Don't forget to light them. And don't forget to have a fire extinguisher standing by.

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Second, why not try a photo gravidity cake? These are becoming more and more beloved and they can be very beautifully done. You'll need a beloved photo of the birthday gal or guy. Maybe one with the spouse, or even with the kids. Phone around to local bakeries to find one that has the potential of turning the photo into a cake topper. They'll make an actual edible photo to put on top of the cake. Most cakes I've seen like this are real conversation pieces. Every person loves them. And then you get to eat it, and it's all the time fun to see who gets to eat Uncle Larry's head.

Third, try the hobby angle. Does your brother like to fish? Then, have a cake decorated with a fishing theme. Does your aunt like to golf? Golf-themed cakes can be super cute. There was a very gorgeous cake at my local bakery that was decorated with shoes and handbags for a woman who loved shopping. Whatever the hobby, the bakery can do it!

Next, you can't forget the "Root for the Hometeam" cake. Does your house love the Razorbacks? A cake in the shape of a hog, covered in piquant red icing will all the time make population happy. And then you get to make fun of Every person because after they eat the icing, their lips and mouth will be piquant red for the rest of the day. Any team colors or logos will make a super 40th birthday cake de facto special.

Lastly, don't scoff at the tried and true tombstone/over-the-hill cake. Yes, it's been done and overdone. But it also makes population laugh every time. And, truly, the 40th birthday is a great time to poke a puny fun.

Whatever cake you choose, make sure to take a picture. Because the recipient is going to remember this birthday for a long time!

40th Birthday Cake Ideas


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