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Local Cakes - Yam Cake formula

Local Cakes - Yam Cake formula

In many local homes, gelatin is often served as a sweet dish at the end of a meal, but more often it is served as a cake for special occasions. It is made very explain and is used as the town piece to adorn an elaborately laid table, just a decorated cake is used in Western countries.

Gelatin is a sea weed found in fullness off the shores of Japan. It is beneficial in the diet because of its mineral content, being rich in calcium and iodine and is prescribed by the habitancy of the East for preventing goitre. Gelatin is available in two forms, as long strands of transparent weed or as a powder. Either form can be boiled to make jelly. Gelatin does not have a very certain flavor of its own, so it is greatly improved by the increasing of fruit or other flavorings.

Cake Recipes

Other local cakes made from sweet potatoes, yams, peas and beans, rice flour, tapioca, etc. Are often eaten as breakfast foods or for snacks and supper. They are all rich in carbohydrates, though some may consist of a limited protein as well.

Yam Cake Recipe


6 oz. Damp rice flour
2 oz. Tapioca flour
600 gram yam
2 tablespoon dried prawns
1 piece preserved radish
½ teaspoon mixed spice
3 tablespoons fired peanuts
2 teaspoons fired gingelly seeds
2 leaves spring onions
1 chili
3 onions
1 teaspoon alkali water
oil, salt and pepper


1. Pound the fried peanuts. Wash and pound dried prawns.
2. Scrub, peel, dice and wash yam.
3. Wash and dice spring onion and chili for garnishing.
4. Wash and dice preserved radish and chop up the onions.
5. Heat up 2 to 3 tablespoonfuls of oil, brown the onions and fry the dried prawns.
6. Add the preserved radish, yam, salt and mixed spice and toss all together for 5 minutes. Dish it up.
7. Knead tapioca flour and rice flour together and mix with water to make 1¼ pints batter.
8. Add the fried ingredients and alkali water to the batter. Add enough salt to taste.
9. Heat up a steaming tray in a pan of water, pour the aggregate into it and stir till the aggregate begins to thicken.
10. Cover with a fitting lid and steam for ½ hour.
11. When cooked, sprinkle pounded peanuts, gingelly seeds, spring onions and chili on top.
12. Cool, cut into neat pieces and serve it with chili sauce.

Local Cakes - Yam Cake formula


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