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Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas - 6 Easy to Make Cake Ideas

Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas - 6 Easy to Make Cake Ideas

One of the best parts of decorating a birthday cake is the conference of ideas. With the ease of the internet, conference ideas is simply just a few clicks away. Even though it can be a lot of fun to look for birthday cake ideas, sometimes it can be a little daunting, especially if you have put it off till the last minute. Here are few ideas and tips to help get your creative juices flowing.

1. Electric Guitar Cake

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This one is great for the music lover in your family and was surprisingly straightforward to make. We just made a stencil out of poster board and cut out the guitar body and neck. Put the two pieces together and covered them with a thin coat of icing. Next we just decorated it with dissimilar colored icing and...

Bamm... We were instant guitar heroes.

2. Butterfly Birthday Cake

This cake is of course easy to make and decorate. Start with an 9 inch round cake and cut off the dome of the cake. Then cut the cake like a peace sign. simply flip the four pieces of the cake over with all four corners facing the center and then you have a cool finding butterfly shape that is of course easy to decorate how ever you like.

3. Fire engine Cake

What little-boy doesn't like fire fighters? So why not make a fire engine cake. simply take three 8x4 cakes and cut off the dome of the cakes in order to have a flat exterior on both sides. Then take two of the cakes and place them one on top of the other and glue them together with frosting. Take the third cake and cut it in half stack them on top of each other and stand them on end. Then place it on the end in front of the other cake. This will make the cab of your fire engine. Then decorate with red frosting and pipe on the accents.

4. Princess Cake

To make this cake you will need three 8 inch round cakes, and one cake baked in a four to six inch deep bowl, and one Barbie doll. simply cut the dome off the 8 inch round cakes so they are flat on both sides, then cut about a 2 in hole in center of each cake. Stack all three 8 inch round cakes on top of each other with pink frosting in in the middle of each layer. Then invert the cake that was baked in a bowl and place on top. Just place the Barbie doll in the center hole and begin to decorate. The cake makes the dress for your princess.

5. Dinosaur Cake

To make this fun birthday cake idea you will need two nine inch cakes. On the first cake simply cut away about ¼ of the cake so that all that is left is a shape that is a little bigger than a half-circle. Then from the flat side of your half circle shape cut a U shape in the center cutting from the flat side up towards the top rounded side. About two inches up and over... This will be the body of your dinosaur. Next using a stencil cut out the shape of the head and tail from the other cake and put them on the body shape of the other cake. Uh... The tail shape goes on one end and the head shape on the other. simply coat with frosting and add accents.

6. Castle Cake

Ok... For this fancy castle cake you are going to need four 8 inch quadrate cakes, again cut the dome off the top of each cake so that they are flat on both sides. Next you are going to stack three of the of the cakes one on top of the other with pink frosting in in the middle of to hold them together. Next take the forth cake and cut it into quarters placing two pieces in the center of the three you have all ready stacked. Now you can begin frosting the cake with a crumb coat of icing. simply use four ice cream cones; invert them and place one on each corner of the cake. These will be the towers of our castle. Just cover the entire cake with frosting and add accents, like doors and windows with dissimilar colored icing.


What could be more fun than decorating a birthday cake? Birthdays are the one time a year when we get a chance to celebrate with that extra someone. With so many dissimilar ways to decorate birthday cakes you can of course let you imagination go wild. This past year my daughter turned sixteen and my wife and I decided to make an Electric guitar shaped cake. It was a big hit with her and all of her friends. I hope these ideas inspire your birthday cake decorating ideas.

Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas - 6 Easy to Make Cake Ideas


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